King Bladud and his pigs Our Artists Bath City - Ladymead Fountain, Walcot Street


The 70 best pick sculptors were sold at auction on 31 October 2008. The minimum price was £1250, the pig selling for the highest amount was Tattoo Pig by Peter Blake which sold at £21,000. Altogether, the gala auction raised £216,000.

Here is a short film about the auction:

A further 35 pigs were sold in an online auction, raising a further £55,000. Once both the gala auction and the online auction were over ñ with all 100 pigs sold - only Pigsaw was left: he lived at our workshop throughout the summer and children were allowed to fill in the jigsaw pieces. Every now and then he had to go take the place of a pig that had been damaged and was in for repair. He was raffled in October 2008 ñ 1500 people bought £1-tickets. Clare Teal drew the winning ticket ñ which belonged to Mike Watts of the Guildhall Market.

Pigsaw Claire, Mike & Pigsaw




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