King Bladud and his pigs Inspiration Bath City, Gay Street

What inspired us - and might inspire you

King Bladud's Pigs in Bath was inspired by a similar project we came across in Germany ñ a parade of artistic storks, each six foot tall! Here are some:

You can see the other 96 storks here, in a Flickr photo album.

The organisers did a bit of searching ñ and found the man behind this attractive project ñ one Ralf Milde, in Ulm, a city on the Danube. He had also done sparrows in Ulm ñ a cathedral city whose emblem the sparrow is.

Here is a sample of them:

Click here to see some more.

We looked around for an animal that had meaning for Bath ñ and soon came up with Bladud and his pigs who discovered Bath's hot springs ñ see King Bladud.

Since then, further researches have revealed the Cow Parade ñ which has now happened in 80 cities ñ see !

Boston had a particularly nice collection, for example these two:

See more here.



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