King Bladud and his pigs Media Bath City - Royal Crescent

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Many news articles are now out of date and no longer online - this is what's left of a long list:


"Friedensreich the pig finds a new home"
Wiltshire Times - 17th December, 2008
"Model pig auction raises £200,000"
BBC News - UK, 2nd November 2008
"Pigs Farewell Weekend"
Daily Telegraph - Week in Pictures 17th October
"Last chance to see painted pigs"
BBC News, 18th October 2008
"Mosaic Pigs in Bath"
Grout Magazine (.pdf) - Autumn 2008
British Association for Modern Mosaic website
"Bid to bring home some bacon"
Bath Chronicle, 2nd October 2008
"Art And About: King Bladud's Pigs In Bath"
Bath and Bristol Metro, 27th August 2008
"picoChip's Pig Celebrates Founder of Bath"
Electronics Weekly, 13th August 2008
"Relief as thieves bring home the bacon"
Bath Chronicle, 7th August 2008 (.pdf)
"Miners really dig latest pigs to spring up in the city"
Bath Chronicle, 7th August 2008 (.pdf)
"Life-size pig sculpture stolen"
BBC Points West, Monday 4th August 2008
"Pig ignorance"
Bath Chronicle, 31st July 2008
"Pig invasion takes Bath back 3000 years"
The Observer Travel Section, 27th July 2008 (.pdf)
"The Pig Map is out"
Bath Chronicle, 10th July 2008 (.pdf)
"Heritage to the fore as new information centres open"
Bath Chronicle, 3rd July 2008 (.pdf)
"Sow let's just give a warm welcome to the latest Bath chaps"
Bath Chronicle - 26th June 2008 (.pdf)
"Bath succumbs to swine fever"
Bath Chronicle - 22nd May 2008 (.pdf)
"Pigs on parade in Bath"
CBBC Newsround - 22nd May 2008
"Art with a heart"
Wiltshire Times - 23rd April 2008
"Bath, UK: Artist Al Greenall takes delivery
of one of 100 model pigs"
The Guardian 24 hours in pictures ñ 15th April 2008
"Pig Art Project the Talk of the Town"
Bath Chronicle - 10th April (.pdf)
"First glimpse of shopping area pigs"
Bath Chronicle - 20th March 2008 (.pdf)
height="31"Committee report on the planning application recommendation REFUSE as "damaging to the character of the World Heritage Site" (.pdf)
"Piggies in the middle ... of Bath"
The Business Chronicle ñ February 2008 (.pdf)
"Why I chose to put a hog in the limelight ..."
The Business Chronicle ñ February 2008 (.pdf)
"Getting set to make a pig's year of city"
Bath Chronicle - 7th February 2008 (.pdf)
"Bladuds's Pigs"
Bath Life Magazine business section February 2008 (.pdf)
"What Lies in Store for 2008"
Kirsten Elliott, Bath Chronicle 10th January 2008 (.pdf)
"Bath Year of the Pig"
Bath Chronicle - 3rd January 2008 (.pdf)
"Bladud was here"
A 1-minute video by Irene Diessen, visiting from the Netherlands



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