King Bladud and his pigs Pigs Bath City, Gay Street

These are ALL King Bladud's Pigs - displayed in and around Bath throughout the summer of 2008. You can still click on a particular pig and find out where it lived then. You might see SOME of them back on display in the spring - sponsors and purchasers permitting. Watch this space.

All pigs were sold at auction. Except ... Pigsaw! We sold Pigsaw in a big RAFFLE - 1500 people took part. - see the auction page for further detail.

If you would like to see more pictures of pigs, try this Flickr pool where 170+ avid pigspotters have uploaded over 4200 great photographs.

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An aesthetic pig - mac the pig

“An aesthetic pig - mac the pig”

by Robin Parker

Sponsor: Bath Anaesthetists


by John Bendon

Sponsor: Rectory Homes

Barking Mad Pig

“Barking Mad Pig”

by Mark Lovegrave

Sponsor: Parkside Community

“Brassknocker Pig”

by Julia Trickey

Sponsor: Somerset Coal Canal Company

Brassknocker Pig


by Sonja Benksin-Mesher

Sponsor: Brian and Margaret Roper

Cochon d'eau

“Cochon d'eau”

by Alan Booty

Sponsor: BOS Leisure

“Coronation Pig”

by Jac Solomons

Sponsor: The Roberts Family

Coronation Pig


by Naomi Selman

Sponsor: Deloitte



by Radstock Youth Centre

Sponsor: Bath & NE Somerset Council



by Simon Smith

Sponsor: Wookey Hole Caves

Globe Trotter

“Globe Trotter”

by Sonia Follows

Sponsor: Zenith International



by Simon Smith

Sponsor: Wookey Hole Circus School

Heidi the Hippie Pig

“Heidi the Hippie Pig”

by Peasedown St John Youth Centre with Rebecca Long

Sponsor: Gail Coleshill


by Bronwyn Williams-Ellis

Sponsor: Walcot Street Traders

Hogwarts Express

“Hogwarts Express”

by Juliette Bunce

Sponsor: First Great Western

Inky Pinky Porky

“Inky Pinky Porky”

by Helen Stanfield

Sponsor: InkFormation


by Jane Eaton

Sponsor: Guildhall Market Traders

Panoramic Pig

“Panoramic Pig”

by Al Greenall

Sponsor: Margarets Buildings Traders


by Genna Pethers

Sponsor: Bloomsburys


“Pave Odd Spot”

by Pavesy

Sponsor: PAVE

Pave Odd Spot
Peoples Pig

“Peoples Pig”

by The people of Bath

Sponsor: The people of Bath

Pig & Ride

“Pig & Ride”

by Alan Booty

Sponsor: Herman Miller

“Pig Headed”

by Hayesfield School

Sponsor: Brian and Margaret Roper

Pig Headed

“Pig in a Poke”

by Jane Callan

Sponsor: Morny & Ian Hay Davison

Pig in a Poke

“Pig in Striped Pyjamas”

by Daniel Jefferies

Sponsor: Rosamund Coppen & Co

Pig in Striped Pyjamas
Pig Noir

“Pig Noir”

by Charlotte Moore

Sponsor: Jamie Cullum

Pig of Paradise

“Pig of Paradise”

by Irma Marks

Sponsor: Abbey Green Traders



by Ben Garrod

Sponsor: Backup Direct



by Susan Hunter Jones

Sponsor: Parragon Books


by Sarah-Jane van der Westhuizen

Sponsor: Flying Pig Renovation Co



by Paul Godfrey & Katherine Emms

Sponsor: Paul Godfrey & Katherine Emms



by Teresa Foster

Sponsor: Roper Rhodes


by Cherry Beath

Sponsor: Milsom Industrial Design


“Piggy Bike”

by John Gould

Sponsor: Sustrans

Piggy Bike


by John Bendon

Sponsor: Bath City Lets

“Porcus Dorcus”

by Charlotte Moore

Sponsor: Norie Trust

Porcus Dorcus
Prince of Acorns

“Prince of Acorns”

by Lara Varga

Sponsor: Draycott Ward



by Andrea Garrihy

Sponsor: Hydrock



by Josh Wiley

Sponsor: Monkton Combe School


by Oscar Romp

Sponsor: David and Karin Embleton

Suidae Sulis

“Suidae Sulis”

by Emily Cant

Sponsor: Bath Spa University

“Tasburgh Pig”

by John Gould

Sponsor: Tasburgh House Hotel

Tasburgh Pig
Tattooed Pig

“Tattooed Pig”

by Peter Blake

Sponsor: Wellow Community

Thomas of Turleigh

“Thomas of Turleigh”

by Flora Rudd

Sponsor: NJ Associates

“Twinkle of Combe Down”

by Lola Swift with Combe Down School

Sponsor: Achieve Breakthrough

Twinkle of Combe Down
Velocity Pig

“Velocity Pig”

by Bodywork Ltd

Sponsor: Parkside Community

Widcombe Warbler

“Widcombe Warbler”

by Corrie Schrijver

Sponsor: Widcombe Parade Businesses


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