King Bladud and his pigs Pigs Bath City, Gay Street

These are ALL King Bladud's Pigs - displayed in and around Bath throughout the summer of 2008. You can still click on a particular pig and find out where it lived then. You might see SOME of them back on display in the spring - sponsors and purchasers permitting. Watch this space.

All pigs were sold at auction. Except ... Pigsaw! We sold Pigsaw in a big RAFFLE - 1500 people took part. - see the auction page for further detail.

See our shop page for posters, the book and other other pig items and our media page for recent press and TV coverage.

If you would like to see more pictures of pigs, try this Flickr pool where 170+ avid pigspotters have uploaded over 4200 great photographs.

An aesthetic pig - mac the pig

“An aesthetic pig - mac the pig”

by Robin Parker

Sponsor: Bath Anaesthetists


by John Bendon

Sponsor: Rectory Homes

Barking Mad Pig

“Barking Mad Pig”

by Mark Lovegrave

Sponsor: Parkside Community

“Brassknocker Pig”

by Julia Trickey

Sponsor: Somerset Coal Canal Company

Brassknocker Pig


by Sonja Benksin-Mesher

Sponsor: Brian and Margaret Roper

Cochon d'eau

“Cochon d'eau”

by Alan Booty

Sponsor: BOS Leisure

“Coronation Pig”

by Jac Solomons

Sponsor: The Roberts Family

Coronation Pig


by Naomi Selman

Sponsor: Deloitte



by Radstock Youth Centre

Sponsor: Bath & NE Somerset Council



by Simon Smith

Sponsor: Wookey Hole Caves

Globe Trotter

“Globe Trotter”

by Sonia Follows

Sponsor: Zenith International



by Simon Smith

Sponsor: Wookey Hole Circus School

Heidi the Hippie Pig

“Heidi the Hippie Pig”

by Peasedown St John Youth Centre with Rebecca Long

Sponsor: Gail Coleshill


by Bronwyn Williams-Ellis

Sponsor: Walcot Street Traders

Hogwarts Express

“Hogwarts Express”

by Juliette Bunce

Sponsor: First Great Western

Inky Pinky Porky

“Inky Pinky Porky”

by Helen Stanfield

Sponsor: InkFormation


by Jane Eaton

Sponsor: Guildhall Market Traders

Panoramic Pig

“Panoramic Pig”

by Al Greenall

Sponsor: Margarets Buildings Traders


by Genna Pethers

Sponsor: Bloomsburys


“Pave Odd Spot”

by Pavesy

Sponsor: PAVE

Pave Odd Spot
Peoples Pig

“Peoples Pig”

by The people of Bath

Sponsor: The people of Bath

Pig & Ride

“Pig & Ride”

by Alan Booty

Sponsor: Herman Miller

“Pig Headed”

by Hayesfield School

Sponsor: Brian and Margaret Roper

Pig Headed

“Pig in a Poke”

by Jane Callan

Sponsor: Morny & Ian Hay Davison

Pig in a Poke

“Pig in Striped Pyjamas”

by Daniel Jefferies

Sponsor: Rosamund Coppen & Co

Pig in Striped Pyjamas
Pig Noir

“Pig Noir”

by Charlotte Moore

Sponsor: Jamie Cullum

Pig of Paradise

“Pig of Paradise”

by Irma Marks

Sponsor: Abbey Green Traders



by Ben Garrod

Sponsor: Backup Direct



by Susan Hunter Jones

Sponsor: Parragon Books


by Sarah-Jane van der Westhuizen

Sponsor: Flying Pig Renovation Co



by Paul Godfrey & Katherine Emms

Sponsor: Paul Godfrey & Katherine Emms



by Teresa Foster

Sponsor: Roper Rhodes


by Cherry Beath

Sponsor: Milsom Industrial Design


“Piggy Bike”

by John Gould

Sponsor: Sustrans

Piggy Bike


by John Bendon

Sponsor: Bath City Lets

“Porcus Dorcus”

by Charlotte Moore

Sponsor: Norie Trust

Porcus Dorcus
Prince of Acorns

“Prince of Acorns”

by Lara Varga

Sponsor: Draycott Ward



by Andrea Garrihy

Sponsor: Hydrock



by Josh Wiley

Sponsor: Monkton Combe School


by Oscar Romp

Sponsor: David and Karin Embleton

Suidae Sulis

“Suidae Sulis”

by Emily Cant

Sponsor: Bath Spa University

“Tasburgh Pig”

by John Gould

Sponsor: Tasburgh House Hotel

Tasburgh Pig
Tattooed Pig

“Tattooed Pig”

by Peter Blake

Sponsor: Wellow Community

Thomas of Turleigh

“Thomas of Turleigh”

by Flora Rudd

Sponsor: NJ Associates

“Twinkle of Combe Down”

by Lola Swift with Combe Down School

Sponsor: Achieve Breakthrough

Twinkle of Combe Down
Velocity Pig

“Velocity Pig”

by Bodywork Ltd

Sponsor: Parkside Community

Widcombe Warbler

“Widcombe Warbler”

by Corrie Schrijver

Sponsor: Widcombe Parade Businesses


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