King Bladud and his pigs Sponsors Bath City, Abbey Church Yard

Information for Potential Sponsors

(NOTE: This project is now over - all the pigs were sponsored, then displayed, then sold at auction. We are leaving this explanatory text here in case you would like to see what the deal was - and what you might have missed! Or in case you are considering a similar project in your city.)

Sponsorship takes the form of a grant towards the project of £1000. We welcome applications from anyone ñ companies, shops, hotels, other businesses, schools, individuals, artists, philanthropists! Sponsors have a say in who decorates their pig sculpture and where and how their pig will be displayed (subject to Council consents). The project team will make sure that there are many artists available and will help team up sponsors and artists in such a way that both have a satisfactory experience.
Many schools would like to decorate their own pig, for display on their own premises ñ but their school may not be able to find the £1000. If you are somebody who would like to sponsor a pig but has no particular preference for how it should be decorated or where it should spend the summer months ñ why not get in touch with a school?
Although sponsors donate the £1000 up front ñ ownership of the pig sculpture stays with King Bladud's Party PigPigs. All pigs will be auctioned at the end of the display period, and when sold (it is rare for them not to sell) the sponsor receives £750 of their grant back. If a sponsor wishes to acquire the pig they have sponsored, they need to bid along with all other potential purchasers. A reserve price of £1250 will apply.
Artists receive 25% of the auction price and ñ if not sold ñ a nominal figure of £250 (payable by the sponsor who then retains the sculpture).
Locations for King Bladud's Pigs are not confined to the city centre. They can be anywhere, even outside Bath, up to a radius of 10 miles. We have already received applications from individuals in villages outside Bath.
Contact us for more information or click here for a sponsorship agreement form (.pdf).

A great number of artists have already signed up with us, ready to create a pig sculpture for our event. See list




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